The Nickel Belt Coin Club


For the past 60 years, one of the most profitable hobbies has been coin collecting. Not to be left behind, in 1955, four gentlemen conceived the idea to form the Nickel Belt Coin Club. Two or three meetings followed and in 1956 the Nickel Belt Coin Club was formed. Mr. Chuck Martin was elected the first President of the Club. In the first few months the constitution and the by-laws for the Club were drawn up. It was not long before the Club started to grow and, in the early 60’s, the membership grew to about 65 members. In the late 70’s, the club became one of the largest Clubs in Canada with a membership of 130 members. The Club has also had as many as 26 junior members in those years. Presently the Club has a membership of over 60 members.

Our first coin show and banquet was held in 1967. In 1971, our club hosted the Ontario Numismatic Convention, which was a great success. Thirty-four years later (2005), the NBCC was fortunate enough to get a return visit from the ONA, which proved so successful that the club is hosting it again on April 26 to 28, 2008, with 56 dealers from across Canada and the U.S. already committed to attend.

From everyone at the NBCC, we would like to welcome you to our website and we hope to see you at our meetings soon.

On Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is very contagious. The field of numismatics is so wide and varied that all collectors have to specialize in certain categories. The average collector starts the hobby with a disorganized approach and with no true objectives, but he usually learns quickly.


Advice For New Collectors
– Buy the best that you can afford.
– Expand your coin education with good books
– Take good care of all your coins.
– Buy scarce coins and key coins with confidence.
– Do not clean your coins, you might ruin them.
– Assemble nice type sets if you can.
– Buy coins for pleasure, investments or speculation if you can afford it.
– Learn to grade your coins fairly.
– Buy, trade, or sell, and when you do, deal honestly.

The best way to start collecting is through a reliable dealer if available or through the aid of experienced collectors who are unselfish in their advice and members of Coin Clubs.

What Should I Collect?

Here are a few plans you can follow.

– One to three coins from various countries.
– One country only.
– Topical coins, silver coins, gold coins, proof coins and world tokens.
– A collection of birds, animals, trains, famous people on coins.